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Luka Photos

Beautiful Luka Magnotta

“There is such things as Monsters, Demons and Ghosts. They live inside of us, and sometimes they win.” ~Luka Magnotta

“How can a monster be so beautiful and so intriguing?” ~Lexa Mancini


Fab Magazine #320

Fab Boy


Although he has posed in both porn magazines and videos, this model from Toronto prefers magazines. “You can’t enjoy yourself in porn videos,” says Luka, 24. “There are too many people around!” A James Dean lover who “never leaves home without a condom,” Luka used to be a ladies’ man. “I once got hit on by three women at once,” he says. He now seeks a loyal man who will take him for a long drive, “and have sex while doing so.” Luka is a card-carrying member of the mile high club.

Spread this playboy’s wings and contact him at


(Fab Magazine #260, Fab Boy Jimmy, around 2004 when Luka Magnotta was still under his name Eric Clinton Newman)

This 22-year-old soccer fan was born in Russia and currently lives in Toronto. He hopes to train to become a police officer. “I don’t want to do traffic tickets. I am thinking vice or homicide.” Jimmy likes men and women in uniforms. He says his best attribute is “my package. I got a mean dick. Me and my buddies made a few videos.” Jimmy has also been a model for Sears, sporting “pyjamas, jeans, sweaters.” When it comes to pizza, he prefers “Greek style with feta cheese and black juicy olives.” His email is

  1. Nikola permalink

    My God, He Is Beautiful!!!….Heart, Be Still ♥….I did a cool photoshop edit of one of his picks, I am think it looks so amazing, it truly says Luka!
    I can send if you would like :3

    • Hi Nikola, feel free to email your image to me, I’d love to see it…

  2. Danyel permalink

    Just Takes My Breath Away :) <3

  3. Emily permalink

    ahhh! Look at how tiny his arms are in the last pic! Such a bad angle, it looks like he has muscle atrophy. I love the ones where his hair is longer, it looks so cute on him.

  4. There’s no denying images of Luka have bursted all over photo sharing websites, my only question about them being, who is posting the ones Luka didn’t get a chance to post/publish/share?—-I’m going to try a greek pizza :P


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